The Importance of a Lorry Banksman

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The Crucial Role of a Lorry Banksman in Workplace Safety


The role of a Lorry Banksman extends beyond assisting drivers; it's about ensuring the safety of everyone on the worksite.

Poor visibility and tight spaces pose significant risks, making the Banksman's role indispensable for accident prevention.

The Importance of a Lorry Banksman

Reversing Hazards: According to the HSE, a considerable percentage of fatal accidents involving vehicles at work occur during reversing.

High-Risk Situations: The Banksman's role becomes invaluable in these high-risk scenarios.

Risks of Large Vehicle Manoeuvring

Minuscule Margins for Error: Large vehicles navigating in tight spaces, especially during reversing, leave little room for error.

Potential Consequences: Misjudgements can result in severe outcomes, including worker injuries, public harm, or property damage.

The Banksman's Crucial Role

Enhancing Safety: Banksman plays a crucial role in mitigating risks associated with vehicle manoeuvring.

Addressing Visibility Challenges: Reversing, with severely compromised visibility, is identified as one of the most hazardous operations.

Guiding Vehicle Maneuvers

Extra Set of Eyes: Acting as an additional pair of eyes for drivers, the Banksman ensures safe reversing manoeuvres.

Standard Hand Signals: Banksman guides drivers using universally recognized hand signals, ensuring smooth vehicle manoeuvring.