Benefits of reversing alarms, mirrors and CCTV systems

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Enhancing Safety in Lorry Manoeuvres

The Importance of Safety Equipment

In environments where lorries are manoeuvred, safety is of paramount concern. Utilising equipment such as reversing alarms, mirrors, and CCTV systems can significantly enhance safety.

Reversing Alarms

Reversing alarms, also known as backup alarms, play a crucial role in enhancing safety:

  • Audible Warning: Reversing alarms emit sound to warn individuals in the lorry's path, increasing alertness and caution.
  • Preventing Accidents: By alerting others to the lorry's movement, reversing alarms help prevent accidents caused by limited driver visibility.


Mirrors are simple yet effective tools for improving safety during lorry manoeuvres:

  • Increased Visibility: Mirrors expand the driver's field of vision, particularly in blind spots, aiding in reversing manoeuvres.
  • Collision Prevention: By providing a broader view of surroundings, mirrors help prevent collisions with objects, vehicles, or individuals.

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems offer advanced safety measures for lorry manoeuvres:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: CCTV systems provide real-time video feeds, covering multiple angles and enhancing the driver's visibility.
  2. Recording Capability: These systems can record footage for incident review, aiding in identifying causes and preventing future occurrences.
  3. Night Vision: Some CCTV systems feature night vision capabilities, enabling safe manoeuvring in low-light conditions.