Ensuring Safety

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The Critical Role of a Banksman in Lorry Manoeuvres

Guiding Lorry Drivers Safely

By guiding the lorry driver during reversing manoeuvres, the Banksman significantly reduces the risk of collisions with objects, vehicles, or pedestrians in blind spots.

Their role becomes even more crucial in busy or confined areas with limited visibility.

Effective Communication and Hazard Awareness

A well-trained Banksman effectively communicates potential hazards to the driver, enhancing site safety.

If a risk arises, the Banksman has the authority to halt vehicle movement until it's safe to proceed, preventing accidents.

Ensuring Overall Site Safety

The Banksman's role extends beyond reversing manoeuvres. They ensure safe lorry movement in various scenarios, including navigating busy worksites, entering or exiting sites, and loading or unloading materials.

Their vigilance and guidance are crucial for maintaining overall site safety.